The Goodies

Have you had your black pudding today?

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Welcome to the LiveJournal community for The Goodies, a 1970's British comedy series starring Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie. The Goodies was an award-winning TV comedy classic which has found audiences both young and old. No job was too big or small for the trio, and I think I can safely say that no distance could separate one Goodies fan from the other. This community was created to bring Goodies fans from all over the world together, so we can discuss and appreciate our favourite show in one great location. As the community grows, there will hopefully be a plethora of worldwide fans congregating here to share favourite episodes, quotes, images, fan fiction, polls...whatever comes to mind, really. Remember, The Goodies would do Anything, Anytime, so go mad!

This community is owned and moderated by matinee_idyll - please direct any comments, suggestions or complaints to her.

Now for the boring part - the rules. Things will be kept pretty loose around here, but there are a few things that will cause someone to receive a nasty nip on the tush:

» Promoting other users or communities, unless they are related to The Goodies or British comedy.
» Flaming, trolling or otherwise being a bad houseguest.
» Grossly off-topic posts. The place for that is in your own journal.

That's it. Welcome and enjoy!